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Vivaldi Du seigneur



Vivaldi Du Seigneur
GPCSI** Parijs 1.45m


 3-years-old VIVALDI is approved at the sBs stallion licensing where he made an excellent performance in free jumping

5-years-old : 7 clear rounds

6-years-old VIVALDI DU SEIGNEUR places in numerous competitions throughout the season:

Two clear rounds in the GP for 6-year-olds during the CSI** de Fontainebleau, he finishes 112th
in Germany :

  • 2nd place in a 1m30 and 3rd place in a 1m20
  • 4 clear rounds in the French young horse competitions

7-years-old he participates in the Sunshine Tour where he finishes 7 out of 11 rounds clear

8-years-old: VIVALDI DE SEIGNEUR is regularly placed in GP’s GP 130 et 135 with his rider Marine Blondet.

  • He finishes his first GP 140 at 6th place after one clear round and 4 points in the jump off.
  • 8th place at the GP 135 in Arnas Sauvageonne (FR)
  • 4th place in the GP 140 (two clear rounds).
  • During Equita’Lyon (FR) he participates in the GP 1m35 where he finishes 11th out of 75.
  • He also ranks at 8th place in the GP 1m40

9-years-old : at Sunshine Tour, ridden by Marine Blondet, clear-rounds in Grand Prix Tour B and Grand Prix Tour C.

10-years-old: unfortunately a severe colique put an end to VIVALDI's carrer under his new rider Penelope Leprevost. He will from now on mainly concentrate on breeding.


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